Build your first Microservices-based app using Go, Grpc, Kubernetes & Docker

Get a hands on head start in the world of Microservices using cutting-edge tech

Rahul Pai

Cambridge University Student

I took this course as a preparation for my internship and it gave me a step by step walk through of each technology from scratch. The example project was a simple and easy to understand which is important so we can focus on the actual technologies used. Each technology was taught and then used to develop the project which allows you to see how each technology fits into the big picture.

Course Summary

This is a SELF-COMPLETE course which includes creation of a Microservices-based javascript game application using Go and gRPC followed by containerisation using Docker and deployment using Kubernetes. Especially:

1 - Simple introduction to Go

2 - Introduction to gRPC

3 - Build simple server-client system using gRPC

4 - Create Microservices-based backend architecture of a simple javascript game

5 - Ensure communication among the Microservices using gRPC

6 - Containerise the application using Docker

7 - Deployment using Kubernetes

Course Curriculum

Satyajit Das

I have a bachelors from Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Masters in Solid Mechanics from Ecole Polytechnique, Paris and PhD in Engineering from Cambridge University, UK. I currently work as a Software Engineer.

I have previously taught undergraduate students from Cambridge University in the form of supervisions of courses in Mechanics.

Hugh Selway

Cambridge University Student

Very effective course, well-structured and easy to follow with all the basics plus some really helpful tips!

Yaser Safwat Omar Toutah

It was amazing - it was what I'm looking for

Paul Chan

Very efficeient to learn Kubernetes deployment with a simple example and good real life analogy!

Manoj Singh

It is a very good course for the beginner level.

Miz S

Great course to understand the basic concepts of gRPC and get hands on.

Ahmet Nakisci

It's a great course. It's clear.

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