Build your first Microservices based application using Go and gRPC

Get a hands on head start in the world of Microservices using cutting-edge tech

Course Summary


This is a SELF-COMPLETE course which includes creation of a Microservices-based javascript game application using Go and gRPC. Especially:

1 - Simple introduction to Go

2 - Introduction to gRPC

3 - Build simple server-client system using gRPC

4 - Create Microservices-based backend architecture of a simple javascript game

5 - Ensure communication among the Microservices using gRPC

In future there will be a main course in the making which includes containerisation using Docker and deployment using Kubernetes.

Also I plan add the following to the main course:

  • Deployment in Google Cloud
  • Continuous Integration using CircleCI
  • Metrics using prometheus
  • Dashboard using grafana
  • Tracing using jaeger

Course Curriculum

Satyajit Das

I have a bachelors from Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Masters in Solid Mechanics from Ecole Polytechnique, Paris and PhD in Engineering from Cambridge University, UK. I currently work as a Software Engineer.

I have previously taught undergraduate students from Cambridge University in the form of supervisions of courses in Mechanics.

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